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sex coach and author Loraine Hutchins adds

Visiting a festival in Gerona is a fantastic way of understanding the true culture and history behind the city. The immaculately preserved Jewish quarter or 'call' holds several festivals each year, well worth a visit this area of narrow cobbled streets has real charm and allure. I suggest using your hire car for any festivals at the outskirts of the city, should you have to venture into the center the very nature of the ancient narrow streets make parking and driving awkward, try parking in one of the underground car parks to save money.

A hire car in Gerona will ensure that you can get to these bright vibrant celebrations; often they are marked with national or local holidays and therefore public transport stops. The festivals are varied and you could always consider going further afield with your hire car. This area of Spain is becoming very popular with international summer music festivals such as Benicassim or Sonar. These festivals drastically increase the prices of flights. Make sure if you are travelling to Gerona during these times that you don't get inadvertently caught up in the higher prices.

This year also plays host to Gerona's eighth jazz festival, described as a bench mark amongst summer festivals it is sure to entertain. Even if jazz is not your thing there are plenty of other styles which might appeal. From world music, to dance, classical and opera, the festival aims to bring in wide public audiences. Great figures from the world of theatre have brought, and will continue to bring, their art to the Cap Roig auditorium for Gerona's summer jazz festival.

My advice is to take in a performance at the theatre but to also enjoy the street performances which are often free; sit back with a glass of local Emporda-Costa Brava a famous dry red or white wine, with a dish of some of the world renowned mushrooms from this area, the "Setas" and "Champiñones" are really worth sampling and enjoy the summer jazz drifting on the breeze. This festival usually runs for about a month from mid September.

Like most Spanish towns Gerona has several religious festivals based around the Christian calendar all the way back to pagan or Visigoth celebrations like the summer solstice, unlike other traditional Spanish cities it also has several contemporary events to keep visitors entertained.

Sex educator, sex coach and author Loraine Hutchins adds, "Erotophobia/sex-negativity is hard to battle because it is all pervasive and systemic. It doesn't affect any one group at the expense of another like racism. However, erotophobia, like racism, really hurts everyone and diminishes us all. I think sex-negativity is a function of heterosexism, a system of oppression created by patriarchy, involving male supremacy and mandatory heterosexuality. This oppressive system hurts men as well as women. The parallel is in looking at how whites are made less by racism, in contrast to non-whites. The hurts are different and need different remedies."

I strongly recommend that you consult the local tourist information office for exact dates and itineraries Ray Ban Sonnenbrille Auslauf. Many festivals are based around astrological events or religious days which can be different every year, to avoid missing out check in advance.

This year the Gerona film festival celebrates its 20th year of continued events. The festival takes place during mid October and is a gathering for local film makers, it gives an opportunity for amateur up and coming producers to screen their work Oakleys Wholesale. With over 40 hours of film expected to be showcased this year it has the potential to be the best one yet. Most of the festivities take place in the Jordi de San Jordi square and hospital square. Even if you aren't much of a film buff there will be plenty going on to keep you entertained.

"Organized religion is of little help in the sexuality-spirituality field," Shalom Mountain Retreat Center founder Gerry Jud acknowledges. "I make a big distinction between religion and spirituality. Religion is about controlling behavior. Spirituality is about development and liberation of consciousness - becoming consciousness itself. Sex permeates all of life. When people are intimate with each other, touch each other, look into each other's eyes, dance ecstatically with each other, the sexual component is out front. You cannot take an effective spiritual journey without taking into account that we are sexual beings."

Equus Catalonia is the world famous horse show. Taking place in the Palau de Fires it is a showcase for the horses of the region. Here some of the world's finest Andalusia pure bred/Hispano Arab/Friesian horses they will compete in various disciplines and show off their riders skills. These horses really are some of the finest in the world, watching them perform mesmerizing dressage and jumping routines is a real sight to behold, any horse lovers should really consider a stop at the Equus Catalonia during their stay Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale.

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