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's right index finger suddenly began to swell and shiny,moncler, before (9) Tuesday morning, his body pain, weakness, drop in blood pressure, sent to the hospital immediately after the arrangements into the ICU (intensive care unit ) treatment. The doctor said, Uncle Wang cause muscle necrosis, wound infection requiring amputation. As for the finger injury infection Grandpa Wang starlings pecking own raising two months ago a due. A finger inflammation cause life is in danger, who lives in the Pixian friendship town Wang Shiji has always been to get up early. The day before yesterday morning, son Wang Renrong found his father late did not get up, "he said body pain, the whole body not force." The Wang Renrong thought gout father committed, immediately went to the clinic dispensing father back,jordan. 13:00, Wang Shiji's condition does not improve, a talent and quickly sent him to Pixian Chinese medicine hospital. The doctors found that Wang Shiji's blood pressure dropped, and severe inflammation of the right index finger,burberry soldes. Doctor for Wang Shiji side anti-inflammatory, decompression side of his finger, to pus,burberry. After several hours of treatment,louboutin, Wang Shiji's condition has not improved, the doctor's advice immediately transferred to the provincial hospital. Provincial hospital, a medical examination found,doudoune moncler, and Wang Shiji index finger swelling is caused due to a wound infection, muscle necrosis, not amputation there will be life-threatening,mercurial vapor pas cher. The doctor first for Wang Shiji amputated right index finger, but wound toxins may spread later may be needed to continue up the amputation in order to save their lives. The finger why did injured two months ago pecking Wang Shiji right index finger injury because starling pecked a funny starling play two months ago, then did not leave a mark, just a little pain. One week before Wang Shiji's right index finger was swollen badly swollen joints, most skin shiny, in some places black,mercurial. He went to the clinic to deposited over the medicine,michael kors, but the situation did not improve, the day before yesterday morning, he will be unable to get up. Wang Renrong feel incredible on his father's illness, he believes that even the starlings pecking bite the past two months should be good. Father's health has always been good, and who rarely get sick, just suffering from gout three to four years. Due to the reason of the gout, Wang Shiji's skin is very fragile, and slightly hard things can skin zoned bleeding,burberry pas cher. Wang Renrong can not be sure whether the condition of the father and starlings pecking bite, but Wang Shiji clearly said that recently his right finger, only this time injured. Coincidentally >>> public Miss Song has suffered injury by birds pecking things. Miss Song said that a few years ago, she had picked up on the road a wounded bird, brought back domesticated in the balcony. Her to feed the birds when birds fierce pecked his right hand back, then wound a little pain, you can still see the bruises and bloodshot. One night after the wound is no longer pain, but one week later, the wound began swelling, the entire back of the hand is swollen like bread, injections, medication, dressings, recovered after more than one month. The parties say >>> birds pecking cause seriously injured bacteria to blame Never heard of - the boss said Chen Qing Shiqiao bird market selling birds, mynah birds docile, the attack is not strong, peck at people because I like. Playing with the birds for more than a decade dealings, have not heard of the birds pecking injuries so powerful. He suspected that the incidence of serious Wang Shiji pecked clean birds. Only guess - Chengdu Bird Watching Society Secretary-General said Ducor, starlings pecking is often the case, but the pecking intensity is not too large, the pecking injuries so severe he had not heard. He speculated that the starling body's bacteria multiply Uncle Wang body slowly accumulated to a certain extent, caused by the swelling. Theory - Chengdu Bird Watching Society president Shen especially birds pecking have a situation,ヴィトン バッグ, there is no trauma but there is soft tissue contusion, theoretically, if the improper disposal of disinfection and other measures, due to climate change may lead to wound further deterioration. However, this is just a theory, in reality, he has not encountered before. Do not infected - Chengdu Third Hospital General Surgery, deputy director of Physicians summer Township to remind the public,abercrombie france, if the public is inadvertently birds pecking injuries, should immediately wash the wound with cool boiled water or alcohol, and a tetanus shot. During wound scab, you should try to keep the wound clean, clean, and in order to avoid infection. The Post reporter Song Jianqin photographic Huang Yao


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